Delft, The Netherlands, 09 Feb 2015

Innovations for Water and Development

Today, UNESCO-IHE publishes a booklet containing 50 innovative solutions in the field of water & development. The innovations were created with our global partnership network to develop, implement and validate novel solutions that ultimately aim to improve the quality of life on our planet. The online version of the booklet can be downloaded below.

Realizing that present and future water-related problems require out of the box thinking, business as unusual approaches, changes of paradigms, and inventive and unconventional solutions leading to the translation of inventions into innovative products, services, processes and new activities that are introduced to the real world, UNESCO-IHE is increasingly committed to innovations concerning all three pillars of its operations, namely, research, education and capacity development.

Our innovations are often of a technological nature, but their adoption also has social, economic, environmental, governance, institutional and political dimensions.

The research-based innovations originate from the six research themes of UNESCO-IHE that are well aligned with relevant international and national science programmes.

In addition, UNESCO-IHE has also developed a number of innovative products concerning education and capacity development. A common goal of the Institute staff is to maximize valorisation, defined as the utilization/uptake of research results to create socio-economic value, and this is high on the Institute’s agenda.

To illustrate the innovative nature of UNESCO-IHE’s operations, Professor Damir Brdanovic initiated, upon request of the Rectorate, the collection of these innovations.


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