IT4D publication: Inspiration from Dutch development cooperation

How can digital approaches add value to development interventions? The recently published IT4D report on Digitalisation and Development contains inspiration and examples from Dutch development cooperation. The publication offers an impression of the potential impact of, and the risks and challenges that come with introducing digital solutions across the thematic areas of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The past two decades has seen an upsurge of innovative approaches to international cooperation in which data and digital technologies have taken central stage. It is important to grasp the potential impact of these interventions and to distil lessons learned for te formulation of future Digitalisation & Development strategies and policies.

In the publication a section is dedicated to the FAO developed WaPOR database. This database is used as part of the WaterPIP project, which aims at facilitating the increase in crop water productivity in the MENA region. Find more information on how the WaPOR database is used by WaterPIP here.

Also highlighted in the publication is the Water, Peace and Security partnership. The partnership is aimed at reducting the risks of water conflicts through innovative tools and services to identiy water shortage-related security risks. You can find the section on the project on page 79. Find the Water, Peace and Security project page here.

Download the IT4D document on the right side of the page. 


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