USA/Netherlands, 03 Aug 2020

László Hayde receives American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Award

IHE Delft Senior Lecturer in Irrigation Engineering, László Hayde, has received the 2020 Award for the Advancement of Surface Irrigation. Awarded by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), the honour recognises advances in promoting the acceptance and efficient use of surface irrigation.

With around 75 percent of the world’s irrigated land relying on surface irrigation techniques, this approach is of profound global significance. The Award, sponsored by the California Polytechnic State University’s Fund for Furthering Flexible irrigation (4F1), promotes the importance of surface irrigation methods as practical, efficient and economic in areas with an appropriate water supply.

We’re excited that this award recognises so many of Laszlo’s valuable contributions to this critical field. Coordinating our popular Masters programme in Water Science and Engineering he has contributed to the graduate education of our students for almost two decades. His expertise in environmental impact assessment and the history of hydraulic engineering and water management also underpins his high-impact research and consulting activities. These include construction design, policy impact and implementation, and water management in Europe and beyond. He has provided policy advice at national and European levels and is currently a member of Hungary’s Ministerial advisory Scientific Water Council of the General Directorate of Water Management.

“I am very much honoured and happy that the ASABE has selected me as the recipient the 2020 Major Award for the Advancement of Surface Irrigation,” said Laszlo on receiving the award. “I would like to thank my colleagues at IHE Delft for their support in my work – making it possible to receive this honour!”

The award ceremony, originally planned during ASABE’s Annual International Meeting, has been replaced by the Major Awards Showcase, following the decision, in light of  COVID-19, for this year’s meeting to go online.


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