Delft, The Netherlands, 22 Jun 2020

Launch digital exhibition “Water We Want” youth art contest

On Thursday 18 June, the Global Network of Water Museums (WAMUNET) officially launched the digital exhibition of the “Water We Want” youth art contest. The exhibition brought together the artworks (drawings, videos, photos) of students from 102 different schools around the world. It is a unique platform that expressed the beliefs and thoughts of young people on the themes of water heritage and climate change. Strengthening the voices of young people through artistic expression was an innovative way to help them achieve the water they want, but also the future they want.

With almost 7000 participants sending in their entries, these art pieces encompassed meaningful messages from around the world. The six finalists of the competition truly mastered the artistic portrayal of the water they want. From June to December 2020, this digital exhibition will be promoted throughout the different social media channels of WAMUNET. Together, this campaign will emphasize the Call to Action for young generations to contribute to solving the global water crisis.

To inaugurate the digital exhibition, a webinar was organized on 18 June. Distinguished panel speakers from UNESCO-IHP, UNESCO Beijing Office, NL IHP-HWRP Committee and WAMUNET joined the conversation, to corroborate the messages created by the young artists. Speaking on behalf of the NL IHP-HWRP Committee—a co-sponsor of this digital competition, and IHE Delft, Emilie Broek highlighted the importance of supporting young voices and building their capacities to act sustainably. At IHE Delft, most of the work undertaken – education, research and institutional strengthening, sits under the umbrella of capacity development. One of the main focuses is indeed to support young mid-level career students to bring back the lessons they gain, to become leaders for change back home. The priority is to educate and support the people who can make a difference and young people—the leaders of the future—are the ones who can achieve this.

This digital exhibition can be viewed at:


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