Cotonou, Benin, 05 Feb 2015

Launch of National Water Information System in Benin

On 4 February the water sector in Benin launched a National Water Information System (SNIEAU). The system was officially launched during a workshop for decision makers at the 'Direction Générale de l'Eau du Benin' in Cotonou. Representatives from different ministries as well as experts from the National Water Institute (Institut National de l'Eau, INE) and international experts from COWI/IGIP and UNESCO-IHE participated in the workshop.

Improve intersectoral communication

SNIEAU (Systeme National d'Information sur l'Eau) is a Spatial Data Infrastructure that has been developed with the expertise of Dr. Hans van der Kwast, Lecturer in Ecohydrological modeling at UNESCO-IHE and Claire Lelong of COWI/IGIP.

The online platform is accessible through

SNIEAU envisions that by 2016, Benin has a unifying data system and reliable and accessible information for better integrated water resources management  through an exchange network between participating institutions in order to improve intersectoral communication for a synergy of actions towards a harmonious and sustainable development.

Data exchange through SNIEAU will play a key role in the development of a Delta Plan for the Oueme Delta and Lake Nokoue region, that is currently being developed in the framework of the Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (MASP) 2014-2017 funded by the Dutch Embassy in Benin.

The platform has been implemented by Upande, a Kenyan SME specialised in GIS and WebGIS solutions.

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