Delft, The Netherlands, 01 Oct 2013

Learning, interacting and sharing ideas during PhD Week 2013

“Integrity of Water Systems in a Developing World” was the main theme of this year’s UNESCO-IHE PhD week. The annual event was held from 23 to 27 September showcasing the ongoing research projects of PhD fellows at the institute. It was a good opportunity for them to learn, interact, build a network, share ideas and develop possible collaborations with others.

The event comprised the PhD symposium (23-25 September) at UNESCO-IHE in Delft and the A1 SENSE Course on Environmental Research in Context (25-27 September) in Soest, The Netherlands. The symposium started with opening speeches by the rector of UNESCO-IHE Prof. Andras Szollosi-Nagy and the PhD coordinator Dr. Gretchen Gettel.

On the first day of the symposium, Prof. Brian Moss from the University of Liverpool gave a very inspiring talk entitled “The Bloodstream of the Earth: A Journey to the Heart”. On the second day, one of the UNESCO-IHE/TU Delft PhD alumni, Dr. Hans Komakech, shared his experiences during his PhD research. 

Oral Presentations

Out of the 150 currently registered PhD fellows of the institute, 60 of them have presented their research in oral presentations during the symposium. These presentations were clustered in 6 sessions of diverse sub-themes related to the water environment: (1) Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation; (2) Water-Related Hazards and Climate Change; (3) Water and Ecosystems Quality; (4) Water Management and Governance; (5) Water, Food and Energy Security; and (6) Information and Knowledge Systems. Each session was moderated by a PhD fellow and a panel of experts was present to give feedbacks on the presentations. In addition to oral presentations, 13 research posters were presented near the symposium venues.

After two long symposium days, the symposium culminated with a great dance performance and a dinner. In the synagogue of Delft, a water dance, entitled '... and Water Became Art! 2013', was performed by Angela Salinas Villafane and Guy Beaujot. After this dance, all participants headed to the dinner venue 'De Kamer van Charitate' where they enjoyed an extraordinary dinner. During the dinner, three PhD fellows, i.e. one from each academic department, were awarded for the most outstanding PhD presentations in the symposium. The winners for this year are: Maurizio Mazzoleni (IWSG), Vorawit Meesuk (WSE) and Loreen Villacorte (EEWT). The selection was based on assessment scores by the panel experts considering various criteria: content, presentation, delivery and ability to respond to questions. There was also an award for the best poster presentation, which selection was based on the number of votes made by the participants of the symposium. The winner of the best poster presentation award is Susma Bhattarai.

The next PhD week will be scheduled in October 2014.

For more information please contact the PhD Week organizing team.

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