Listen and learn, podcasts: The Sources of the Nile

As part of the DUPC2 funded project ‘Open Water Diplomacy. Media, science and transboundary cooperation in the Nile basin’, Emanuele Fantini and team have already produced their fourth podcast, titled: Lights, Camera, Action… Nile Cinema!

How can videos and movies make us look at the Nile from different and new perspectives? During the recent “Let’s Talk About Water” film festival that took place in Delft, there was a screening of the trilogy by Terje Tvedt called “The Nile Quest”.

“This series is so captivating, and so dramatic, so informative, about the fact that the Nile which in the way the Egyptians feel that the narrative of their whole 5000 years of history, is actually connecting 11 countries. And I never understood this before, I learned a great deal, and I think the audience was swept away by these films” says Linda Lilienfeld, project coordinator and creator of the festival.

If you would like to know more about how film can influence perspectives on the Nile, listen to the latest “Sources of the Nile” podcast for free here. You can also find the other three podcasts there.

Read Emanuele Fantini’s blog on his third podcast ‘Nile day: should Egypt celebrate?’ here.


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