The Netherlands, 26 Sep 2018

Low-land hydropower: theory and practice seminar

Generating renewable energy from water is often considered unfeasible in flat, low-land regions. However, there are plenty of opportunities to tap into the power produced by rivers, waves and tides. On September 20th IHE Delft, NCR (Netherlands Center for Rivers Studies) and NCK (Netherlands Centre for Coastal Research) brought together the practical and the academic world in the field of water and energy generation.

More than 60 participants from both Dutch specialized organizations, interested IHE Delft staff and also international participants on IHE two-week short course on small hydropower development, got an overview about new developments and implementation of hydropower energy generation in the low-head country such as the Netherlands. 

The seminar provided answers to the theoretical questions about how to extract energy from the water where the level of the energy is relatively low, how and how much energy could be extracted and also information on new technologies, research results and developments in the field. The solutions in the field of low head hydropower on rivers (head difference and kinetic energy) and in coastal areas (wave, tidal, and current) were also considered. 


Additionally, below the links to the presentations:

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