Delft, The Netherlands, 26 Jul 2020

Mangrove-related PhD research at IHE Delft

Üwe Best and Sebrian Beselly, both PhD Researchers in Coastal Engineering at IHE Delft, chose to take the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem on 26 July as an opportunity to share some insights on their mangrove-related research.

Uwe Best is from Guyana, the western neighbour of Suriname in South America. Through her work at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure in Guyana she developed a passion for coastal engineering works. In 2017, she obtained her MSc degree with a specialization in coastal engineering from IHE Delft. During her MSc research, her focus was on the coastal dynamics of the Guyana coastline, which laid the foundation for her PhD research.

Sebrian Beselly is from Indonesia, and has a background as a coastal engineer with a Master's Degree focusing on coastal morphological study from the University of Miyazaki in Japan. Since 2014, he has been a tenured lecturer at the Water Resources Engineering Department, Brawijaya University, Indonesia. He chose to pursue his PhD research at IHE Delft because its Coastal Systems & Engineering group is well-known for its expertise in coastal modelling and famous for their contributions to several coastal models such as: Delft3D, XBeach and the ShorelineS. His current research is financially supported by the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education.

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