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The Motivation and Ability Framework Webinar Series

This webinar series introduces the Motivation and Ability (MOTA) Framework: Decision Support for Strategic Planning and Implementation. The webinars will discuss its applications and similar methods; and propose an agenda for further work. Water management professionals, policy analysts, planners and researchers are invited to participate, learn more about the MOTA framework and help shape future avenues for application, research and development.

Water management involves and impacts various stakeholders in society, across multiple levels and sectors. The success of new water-related policies, strategies, programmes or plans does not only depend on technological soundness, economic returns and environmental impacts, but also on acceptance and adoption by key stakeholders.

These stakeholders include local water users at the household and farm level, larger industries and corporations, as well as various government agencies and institutions from local to national levels. Stakeholder analysis and social impact assessments are therefore an accepted part of the modern planning toolkit.

In the past few years, a novel framework has been developed for advanced and quantitative stakeholder analysis: the Motivation and Ability (MOTA) framework. This framework is being used to support strategic delta planning processes in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta and Bangladesh, and is being explored for use in Myanmar, Australia and elsewhere.

The initiative for these webinars stems from a network of international water institutes across the world: IHE Delft Institute for Water Education and Deltares in the Netherlands, Charles Sturt University in Australia, the Water and Climate Change Center of Vietnam National University, and the Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS) in Bangladesh.

Through this webinar series we hope to further broaden the network and include new partners.

Each webinar will consist of short presentations, followed by Q & A with the speakers. 


Please register for the webinar series through this page.

Dates and detailed content

September 30 - webinar 1 
Introducing MOTA as a tool for strategic planning support.
Ho Long Phi (VNU-WACC)
Early MOTA Applications for Mekong Delta Plan
Nguyen Hong Quan (VNU-IER & WACC)
MOTA as Implementation Planning Tool: Review and Future Agenda
Lee Baumgartner/John Conallin (Charles Sturt University)
MOTA - the front end, context analysis and understanding your situation
John Conallin/Jen Bond (Charles Sturt University)
Link for more information, click here.
October 21 - webinar 2 
MOTA Applications: Participatory Water Management Bangladesh
Md. Shibly Sadik (CEGIS)
MOTA Applications: Vietnam experience
Nguyen Hong Quan and WACC team (VNU-WACC)
MOTA and similar methods: Actor and strategy models
Leon Hermans (IHE Delft / TU Delft)
MOTA and similar methods: Readiness Levels
Nora van Cauwenbergh (IHE Delft)
November 18 - webinar 3
Extending MOTA: “real” impacts and business community 
Ho Long Phi (VNU-WACC)
Extending MOTA: Monitoring and evaluation
Jaap Evers (IHE Delft)
Future directions and needs for MOTA development
MOTA for user needs assessment for a delta planning meta-model in Bangladesh
Nishchal Sardjoe (Deltares)
Discussion of  future needs for MOTA development – applications, research and development, trainings, follow up, publishing


The webinars are financially supported by the Urbanizing Deltas of the World – Connecting World of Knowledge programme of the Dutch Research Council (NWO grant no. W 07.6919.302), the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research Fisheries Program and the FIS/2018/153 project.


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