Stockholm, Sweden, 29 Aug 2017

MoU with Ministry of Water Resources in Iraq

Today, during World Water Week in Stockholm, the Iraqi Minister of Water Resources, Dr. Hassan Janabi, signed a renewed version of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Dr. Johan van Dijk, the Business Director of IHE Delft.

The MoU that was signed today has a duration of five years, and is a follow-up of a continued cooperation that started with the signing of the first MoU early 2014. The two parties commit to improve water resources in Iraq, with a special emphasis on transboundary water management, water for agriculture, and in general through integrated and optimal use of water resources management.

Dr. Hassan Janabi says: ''This is a very productive cooperation between our countries, IHE Delft has played a positive role in getting our skills up-to-date (qualifications of our young people). I am proud to sign this MoU.''

IHE Delft will initially support the Ministry by assessing their needs in relation to development of staff expertise and performance improvement. A second step will be developing capacity building programmes resulting from the initial needs assessment.

The process of renewing was made possible with the help of the Iraqi Embassy in The Hague, in particular with the personal commitment of the Iraqi Ambassador Mr. Saywan Barzani.


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