Delft, The Netherlands, 18 May 2017

MoU signed between IHE Delft and FUTRASAFODE Argentina

A Memorandum of Understanding between ´Fundación de los Trabajadores Sanitaristas para la Formación y el Desarrollo, FUTRASAFODE’ (Sanitary Workers’ Foundation for Education and Development) of Argentina and IHE Delft Institute for Water Education was signed on 18 May. The MoU aims to establish a relationship in the field of scientific and technical research, as well as to support the setting up and operation of a University Institute of Water and Sanitation, to be created in Argentina.

FUTRASAFODE is an organization established on 5 November 2015 as a not for profit organization aimed at promoting education, training, research, knowledge creation and transfer. It is engaged with preserving, enhancing and developing the traditions of water and sanitation, as well as fostering innovative paths towards the establishment of the University Institute of Water and Sanitation (IUAS). Its mission is to become a centre of excellence in education, training, research and innovation in water, sanitation and environment with a focus on the role of workers in the knowledge construction process. FUTRASAFODE is a public non-governmental organization supported by the Argentinean Secretary of Water Resources and the water company Agua y Saneamientos Argentinos S.A. AySA.

It is in the interest of FUTRASAFODE and IHE Delft to promote a cooperation between the organizations in the fields of science and technology. The areas of interest include: education, research and capacity building activities in the field of: sanitary engineering, sanitation, wastewater treatment technologies, water supply and distribution.

The MoU was signed by Prof. Luis Carlos Ruben Liberman, Programme Director of the FUTRASAFODE University Programme and Johan Aad van Dijk, IHE Delft Business Director, in the presence of Mrs Gabriela Sacco MSc., Executive Director, Catedra del Dialogo y la Cultura del Encuentro; Mr. Jose Maria Regueira, an alumnus and Advisor at the Water Resources Secretary and Advisor in postgraduate and research programmes from Argentina; Prof. Dr. Damir Brdanovic, Head of Environmental Engineering and Water Technology Department; Dr. Hector Garcia Senior Lecturer in Wastewater Treatment Technology and Maria Laura Sorrentino Alumni Relations Officer.

Catedra del Dialogo

During the meeting, the Catedra del Dialogo and Cultura del Encuentro was presented, as well as its role in promoting the Human Right to Water. One of the activities recalled was the international seminar held at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in the Vatican, which was organized by the Catedra and in which members of IHE Delft participated.


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