Montevideo, Uruguay , 21 Dec 2018

New agreement with Uruguay expands sanitation education and research

On December 7th a seminar was organized at the technological laboratory of Uruguay (LATU) facilities in Montevideo, Uruguay. The main goal of the seminar was to present the new collaboration agreement between IHE Delft, the Uruguayan Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII), and LATU.

The seminar was hosted by the President of LATU (Mr. Fernando Fontan), and by the President of ANII (Mr. Fernando Brum). IHE Delft Rector Prof. Eddy Moors, delivered a technical talk on climate change followed up by several presentations carried out by the coordinator of the water program in LATU (Dr. Diana Miguez) and Uruguayan IHE alumnus.  The seminar was concluded by presenting the new collaboration agreement recently signed in April 2018. 

The new agreement will allow 37 Uruguayan professionals to take part on the MSc program in Sanitary Engineering at IHE Delft and 6 Uruguayan scientist to pursue their PhD research in the field.  After the finalization of this agreement, Uruguay will strengthen its water and sanitation sector by graduating more than 70 MSc professionals and 8 PhD scientist in Delft.

After the seminar, an alumni gathering was celebrated; the association of Uruguayan IHE Delft alumni was launched with the collaboration and sponsorship of the recently created Uruguayan Water Technological Center (CTAgua). Later in the afternoon LATU authorities showed IHE Rector the research facilities and analytical capacities of the laboratories and a meeting was carried out between the IHE Rector and the authorities of ANII represented by its CEO (Mr. Omar Barreneche) and the president of the agency.



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