Delft, The Netherlands, 25 Sep 2020

New book: Introduction to Urban Water Distribution, Second Edition

The second edition: Introduction to Urban Water Distribution by Nemanja Trifunovic is available now. The book comprises the core training material used in the Master of Science programme in Urban Water and Sanitation at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education.

The general focus in the book is on understanding the steady-state hydraulics that forms the basis of hydraulic design and computer modelling applied in water distribution. The main purpose of the workshop problems and three computer exercises is to develop a temporal and spatial perception of the main hydraulic parameters in the system for given layout and demand scenarios.

Furthermore, the book contains a detailed discussion on water demand, which is a fundamental element of any network analysis, and general principles of network construction, operation and maintenance. The book includes nearly 700 illustrations and the accompanying electronic materials contain all the spreadsheet applications and the network model files used in solving the workshop problems and computer exercises.

More information about the book can be found here.


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