Delft, The Netherlands , 23 May 2022

New call seeks proposals for projects that foster socially inclusive and sustainable water management

The Water & Development Partnership Programme today launched a call for innovative, diverse and interdisciplinary project proposals that aim to strengthen low- and middle-income countries’ capacity to introduce socially inclusive and sustainable water management practices.

The call is the programme’s first for medium-size projects, meaning that proposals should have a budget ranging from €100,000 to €400,000.

Launched over a decade ago, Water & Development Partnership Programme (formerly referred to as DUPC), has been nurturing a global community of scientists, practitioners and policymakers from over 40 countries, with the support of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The programme’s third phase finances projects that involve joint research, education, and knowledge sharing. The programme’s principles, focus and eligibility criteria for funding are described in detail here. In a nutshell, the new call invites organizations from non-European low- and middle-income countries and/or IHE Delft to submit proposals that:

  • Enrich and pluralize knowledge on water with the aim to foster sustainable and equitable practices in water management.
  • Propose inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches to conduct research, education and/or capacity strengthening activities in one or more of the following thematic areas:
    - Water and health
    - Water for food
    - River basins and deltas
  • Demonstrate relevance for - and share outputs with - organizations from regions prioritized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    - The Middle East
    - The Sahel
    - The Horn of Africa

Last two to three years with a total budget ranging from €100,000 to €400,000.

Proposals must be submitted no later than 29 July 2022 at 17:00 CEST (15:00 UTC).

For any further details, please read the call text.

Questions? Please email .


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