Delft, The Netherlands, 09 Nov 2021

New DUPC3 Committee Members

The Water and Development Partnership Programme 2022-2027 (DUPC3), supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Dutch development/foreign policy, presents the newly formed committee of the programme.

We are very pleased to welcome the new committee members:
  • Dr. Abebe Chukalla, Lecturer and Researcher Irrigation Engineering, IHE Delft
  • Dr. Amel Azab, Manager of the Nile Basin Capacity Building Network Foundation
  • Dr. Assela Pathirana, Associate Professor in Water Infrastructure Asset Management, IHE Delft
  • Dr. Aymar Yaovi Bossa, Lecturer and Researcher, Department of Water for Agriculture and the Society,National Institute of Water, University of Abomey-Calavi
  • Dr. Claire Furlong, Senior Lecturer in Sanitary Engineering, IHE Delft
  • Dr. Gretchen Gettel, Senior Lecturer in Aquatic Biogeochemistry, IHE Delft
  • Dr. Hadi Jaafar, Associate Professor of Irrigation Engineering and Water Management, American University of Beirut
  • Dr. Jeltsje Kemerink-Seyoum, Associate Professor of Water Governance and Justice, DUPC3 programme coordinator, IHE Delft
  • Nadine Sander, DUPC3 programme support, IHE Delft
We are excited to have such a diverse and qualified group of individuals in the committee and look forward working with them. The committee members play an important role in steering the directions and coordinating the implementation of the DUPC3 programme. They will draft and launch calls for proposals, identify opportunities for collaborations, approve project proposals, and provide input to and approve annual plans. The committee members will closely collaborate with the learning networks and the project teams and supervise implementation for the programme as a whole. The DUPC3 committee will meet (virtually) at least four times a year to monitor and discuss progress and to develop and/or adjust plans. The full Terms of Reference can be found here.


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