Delft, The Netherlands, 25 Feb 2021

New MOOC on Water Transport and Distribution

On 4 March, during Open Education Week 2021, IHE Delft launches a new self-paced MOOC on planning, design, operation & maintenance of Water Transport and Distribution systems.

The free-of-charge MOOC is designed for junior and mid-career professionals dealing with technical aspects of drinking water transport & distribution, working for municipal assemblies, water supply companies or consulting bureaus. 

The total study load is estimated at 140 hours (or 5 ECTS credits). The student work is not assessed in the MOOC version of the course. In the regular online and on campus version, the students can earn the ECTS credits by passing the exam and submitting the design exercise report of sufficient quality.

The course is based on the eBook Introduction to Urban Water Distribution (Taylor & Francis, 2006, reprint 2008), presents an extensive number of recorded presentations and introduces participants to to public domain EPANET modeling software (US Environmental Protection Agency, Ver.2.12), which is used in a design exercise.


Registration open now, MOOC available as of 4 March 2021. Click here more information

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