Delft, the Netherlands, 18 Aug 2021

New Online Course on Fundamentals of Freshwater Health

On Thursday 26 August 2021 at the annual World Water Week in Stockholm, IHE Delft and Conservation International will launch their joint Open Online Course on Freshwater Health in a session titled “Stakeholders training materials to assess freshwater health”. Registration for the course is open now.

Protecting and restoring healthy freshwater systems requires understanding the structure and functioning of freshwater ecosystems and how these are impacted by altered water levels and flows, pollution, habitat destruction and biodiversity loss. It requires use of indicators to measure health and the implementation of good governance and management approaches.

This open online course explores fundamental aspects of each of these topics through interactive lectures, relevant readings and practical exercises. And it introduces participants to Conservation International's Freshwater Health Index. Participants completing the fundamentals course will also become eligible for a more advanced course beginning in early 2022 and delving deeper into the same topics.

The course is free and available to anyone interested in protecting and restoring freshwater ecosystem health, but is designed with practitioners, policy makers and informed stakeholders in mind.


Registration is open now, and the course is available as of 28 September 2021. Click here for more information.

Click here to read more about the session “Stakeholders training materials to assess freshwater health”.


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