Delft, The Netherlands, 23 Oct 2018

New short course on Water Resilient Recovery

IHE Delft introduces a new short course on Water Resilient Recovery, focusing on bridging the gap between the short term scope of disaster recovery and the long term planning horizon of climate resilient planning. The course is product of an exciting new collaboration with The Head Foundation and will partially take place at their training facilities in Singapore.

While targeting professionals in disaster risk reduction (DRR), urban planning and climate adaptation, the course is very much tailored to the needs of the participants. While providing foundational theory, methods and tools in the online portion of the course, the face-to-face portion will be revolve around case studies brought in by the participants. This ensures that the knowledge acquired will be applicable and tailored to the participant's needs. The course will cover many topics including the ranging from the policy oriented UNISDR’s Sendai framework for DRR to the operational examples measures ensuring urban climate resilience.

The course consists of an online portion covering much of the theory and background. Participants can run through the material and perform task at their own pace, which makes the course ideal for high level practitioners and executives. The second part of the course will consist of a 1-week face-to-face training in Singapore with a focus on skill and application. 

The online portion of the course will start on 10 December 2018, while the face-to-face portion is planned in January at the facilities of The HEAD Foundation in Singapore. The HEAD Foundation graciously sponsors the course.

The deadline for application for admission to the course is 29 November 2018.

For this course a small number of scholarships are available.

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