Delft, The Netherlands, 13 Nov 2013

New tap for clean water worldwide

Today, on Wednesday, 13 November, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education and the Delfland Water Board officially launched the use of the Join the Pipe water tap. Dikereef Michiel van Haersma Buma and Business Director Greet Vink toasted with students from Bangladesh to clean drinking water worldwide.

For people in the Netherlands, clean (drinking) water is often taken for granted, but this is not the case for many people elsewhere in the world. The Delfland Water Board provides clean water in ditches and canals. With the placement of the Join the Pipe - water tap in Delft Delfland sponsors a pump for a water well in Bangladesh that can provide clean drinking water to a local community. UNESCO-IHE students from Bangladesh attended the launching ceremony and look forward to visiting the project in Dhaka, the country's capital city, upon completion of their Masters of Science programme.

In consultation with the municipality of Delft it was decided to place the tap on the square in front of the UNESCO-IHE building on the Westvest 7. This is the route from the station to the city center, where the tap can be seen and used by everyone passing by. Delfluent BV (the partner of Delfland that purifies waste water in the region of The Hague) sponsored the construction and placement of the water tap.

About Join the Pipe

Join the Pipe is a non-profit organization dedicated to a fair distribution of clean drinking water in the world. With the sale of sustainable water bottles, pitchers and drinking water taps, the foundation funds numerous water projects in Africa and Asia. In Western countries, the organization promotes drinking tap water to reduce the use of plastic bottles, thereby creating a greener environment.


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