Delft, 26 Jul 2013

NVAO approves issuing of Joint Degrees by UNESCO-IHE and partners

The Netherlands-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) approved the transformation of four existing joint Master specializations into Joint Degree specializations, allowing UNESCO-IHE and its partners to issue joint degrees, from 2014 onwards.

This positive response by NVAO was given in the framework of its decision to re-accredit UNESCO-IHEĀ“s four Master programmes, to which these specialisations belong.The NVAO assessment committee judged the programmes as sufficient to good on intended learning outcomes, teaching learning environment and achieved learning outcomes.

The four joint degree specializations are:

  • Urban Water Engineering and Management with AIT Bangkok, Thailand
  • Environmental Technology for Sustainable Development with AIT Bangkok, Thailand
  • Environmental Technology and Engineering with the Institute of Technology, Czech Republic and the University of Ghent, Belgium
  • Limnology and Wetland Management with BOKU, Austria and Egerton University, Kenya

They each have their own examination regulations agreed between the partners, and will be managed by Joint Management Committees.

This development makes UNESCO-IHE a front runner role in offering joint degrees, in particular with partners outside the Netherlands.

Read more on the registration of our educational programmes on the CROHO webpage (in Dutch).


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