Delft, The Netherlands, 09 Jun 2021

Obituary Jan Yap

IHE Delft regrets to announce the passing of Jan Yap, a dear colleague and supporter of IHE Delft (formerly UNESCO-IHE).

Outstanding applied scientist

Jan joined IHE Delft in 1990. One of the reasons for joining our institute was to try to reduce his travel commitments, as he was constantly travelling overseas for his consultancy positions. However, within a year, he moved with his family to Bandung, Indonesia to become Team Leader of an IHE supported, newly established Training Programme in Water Resources Development for staff of the Indonesian Ministry of Public Works (BIPOWERED). In 1998 Jan moved to Jakarta to become Director of IHE’s Representative Office in Indonesia and Regional Representative of our Institute. In that capacity Jan initiated several specialization programmes in Water Resources Development and Sanitary Engineering for staff of Indonesian ministries.

From 2003 until his retirement, Jan operated as a private consultant for the World Bank, as well as for Indonesian and Dutch institutions, including IHE Delft, to implement capacity building activities for the water sector in Indonesia. For many years Jan was the network manager CKNet, a Collaborative Knowledge Network of 10 Indonesian top Universities, initiated in close cooperation with UNESCO-IHE. Jan was also the Chairman and Network Manager of the Steering Committee of the South East Asia Network of Sustainable Water Resources Management (Aqua Jaring).

Bridge builder

Former Vice-Rector Jan Luijendijk, who worked closely with Jan for many years described Jan as a very kind and sympathetic colleague, an outstanding applied scientist and an extremely motivated and qualified capacity developer at many levels. Thousands of Indonesian water professionals have benefited from Jan’s drive to improve the capacity of the Indonesian water sector. He will be remembered as a bridge builder between the Netherlands and Indonesian water sector. Our thoughts and deep sympathies are with Jan’s wife Hetty and sons Arvid and Quincy. 


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