Delft, The Netherlands, 09 Nov 2021

Online database for ideas for project proposals

With this online database the programme wants to facilitate those interested to submit projects to find each other and collaborate to develop high-quality trans- and multi-disciplinary proposals for the upcoming call in November 2021.

Project ideas database

IHE Delft Partnership Programme for Water and Development has established an online database in which colleagues from organizations from low- and middle-income countries working on water as well as IHE Delft staff can share their initial project ideas and/or indicate interest to join others in developing their ideas. This database is developed to facilitate for potential partners to find each other and collaborate in developing high-quality proposals to submit to calls for proposals that the programme will launch in November. Projects funded by the programme are expected to focus on equity and ecological sustainability in water-related developments, which will also need to be reflected in the expertise of the team. For more information on the objective and approach of the programme, please have a look at the programme webpage here.

We invite you to put any initial project ideas you have in the database and explicitly indicate which expertise/disciplines/partners you are still looking for to further develop the project idea. There is no need to fill out all the fields, but the more the better. Below you will find the link to this online database:

Please also share this message with your contacts, especially with organization in low- and middle-income countries and with expertise in social sciences, as those are underrepresented in our network.

Online Water Experts Database

We would also very much appreciate if you can fill the online water experts database with your name, contact details, organization, country and your specific expertise, so that we or others can contact you when interested in your expertise. In particular, professionals/researchers working on water with a social sciences background are encouraged to fill this database as they are in high demand to implement this programme:


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