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Online Graduation Day 2020: 141 water professionals receive their MSc diploma

On 23 April 2020, IHE Delft held an online graduation ceremony academic period 2018 - 2020. A total of 141 water professionals from over 54 different countries had collected their diplomas from the Institute earlier this week. For the first time ever, the ceremony was held online due to distancing measures taken to keep our students and staff safe. We celebrated the accomplishments of our hard-working students leading up to the moment of their graduation. IHE Delft wishes all graduates the very best in their blossoming careers as water experts.

You will bring the water sector forward

The ceremony featured Professor Eddy Moors, Rector IHE Delft and Charlotte de Fraiture, Vice Rector Academic & Student Affairs, inspiring words from graduates themselves and a musical interlude IHE Delft-style that we have all come to know and love, but done in an amazing online way. An interactive quiz and an online party with live music, playing students’ requests were also part of the online celebrations. The ceremony began with the Rector of IHE Delft, Professor Eddy Moors welcoming everyone. He addressed the participants and said: ''I remember that I spoke to you and talked to you about why it is so important that you are studying in the field of water and that you will bring the water sector forward. The water crises is still in the top 5 list of both impact and likelihood (World Economic Forum report 2019). Congratulations from the Rectorate to the new graduates, you are now a member of the academic and our alumni community. When you will return home you can solve or mitigate the water issues in your country. I wish you all good luck with doing that.'

We're going down in the IHE Delft history books

Student speakers from the student association board bringing the participants back down memory lane. ''We will be in the history books of IHE Delft of being the batch that had their graduation online. We successfully completed the master programme of IHE Delft. When we look back we made friends from so many diverse countries, we have friends from every continent. We had great times at IHE Delft: from the first trip to The Hague, our first experience of cycling, clog dancing, Dutch weather (cold, wet), opening ceremony at IHE Delft, social cultural evenings, studying, exams, deadlines, fieldtrips and many more amazing times. It was a unique experience, we are really happy that we had these 18 months together. We have learned many lessons, we will interact in many years to come. Congratulations our alumni!''

Charlotte de Fraiture, Vice Rector Academic & Student Affairs of IHE Delft: ''Todays marks the occasion that we have 141 degrees that are awarded from students from 54 countries, we are proud of you. It has been 18 months of hard work, excitement, frustration, enjoyment and stress that ended a few weeks ago with MSc defences that were held for the first time online.''

Hashtag: #IHEDelftClassOf2020

Thesis awards

During the Graduation Ceremony, two students also received awards for their theses.

As a part of the grant Accelerating the impact of education and training in non-sewered sanitation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is supporting The Best MSc in Sanitation Thesis Award. The award facilitates the preparation of publication and its presentation at a conference of awardee’s choice. The Award was presented to Ms. Amie Jammeh from Gambia, from the MSc programme Sanitation for her thesis entitled "The many meanings of menstruation: practices & imaginaries among school girls in Lusaka, Zambia."

On this occasion, the award was presented online in the presence of Dr. Roshan Shrestha, Deputy Director, Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Program of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Amie started her study in Delft in April 2018 as a part of the first cohort of the new MSc Program in Sanitation but had to pause her study because of the birth of her child. Thanks to the Family Support Fund of the GSGS, Amie was able to go back to Gambia and to come back to resume her studies in Delft a year later, turning it into remarkable accomplishment.

Mr. Benson Mutuma Karimba of the WSE programme, specialisation Land and Water Development for Food Security won the WSE MSc thesis award 2020. His thesis entitled "Assessing the dynamics of smallholder irrigation using sand river aquifers in semi-arid lands" focused on a case study of different farming systems along the ephemeral Olkeriai River in Kajiado, Kenya. It was regarded by the jury to be the best at convincingly incorporating the main three sustainability components (economic, social and ecological aspects) into his thesis while making suitable reference to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The award was initiated by Walter Buydens to celebrate 25 years of guest lecturing at IHE Delft in the field of environmental impacts from irrigation development. The MSc graduate receives eternal honour and funding to work out or disseminate his research findings.

Recording of ceremony and break-out sessions

If you were unable to join during the live Ceremony, the YouTube recording is available here (also on the right hand side of this web page).

For for viewers that cannot access Youtube, you can watch the recording here.

The recording of the breakout sessions per MSc Programme/Specialisation can be viewed by following the links below: (the recordings will be available as soon as possible)

Environmental Science MSc Programme

Sanitation MSc Programme

Urban Water and Sanitation MSc Programme

Water Management and Governance MSc Programme 

Water Science and Engineering MSc Programme


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