Delft, The Netherlands, 07 May 2021

Online Graduation Day 2021: Water Professionals Receive their MSc Diploma

On 3 May 2021, IHE Delft held an online Graduation Ceremony for the academic period of 2019-2021. 120 students from 41 countries were awarded their diplomas. The ceremony normally takes place in the Oude Kerk in Delft, but had to be transferred online in 2020 and this year. The ceremony was livestreamed and families, friends, and supporters of the graduates had the opportunity to extend their best wishes and regards via the chat section of the livestream platform.

Willingness to use the knowledge

IHE Delft’s Lady Speaker, Laura Kwak, introduced the Graduation Ceremony and then Professor Eddy Moors, Rector of IHE Delft, welcomed the students, Ambassadors and other guests. He told the graduates that they are now leaders. He proceeded to explain how the word ‘leaders’ does not necessarily mean being a CEO, but instead having the “willingness’ to use the knowledge gained at IHE Delft during their studies in order to advance the water sector, society, and the environment.

Lead us into a better pathway

The guest speaker of this year was Dhesigen Naidoo, CEO of the Water Research Commission in South Africa. During the Graduation Address, Mr. Naidoo said, “It is for you, as the new leadership of this water sector, to build up those partnerships, to build up those networks and make them really count.” Mr. Naidoo continued, “The graduating class of 2021, you are the lead company of the spring battalion that is going to lead us into a better pathway. You carry the hopes and aspirations of the existing leaders and practitioners in this water system because you are defining that future, so best of luck to all of you and congratulations. We are counting on you to be a formidable part of building back better, building forward greener, and taking us to a more inclusive and a more equal world.”

In true IHE Delft fashion, there was also a surprise interlude which included the Institute’s very talented studentmusicians. They played and sang a beautiful version of ‘You Raise me Up’. They later played and sang ‘Lean on Me’ which was a fitting tribute to how the students lent each other support during the difficult Covid times away from home.  


There followed an Address by the Student Association Board committee members. Anand Datla, Hemant Servia, Mollie Torello and Maubane Mahlare shared their thoughts and memories about their time at IHE Delft. They expressed how the teamwork with the teachers and classmates was truly something that is “incomparable.”

The Awarding ceremony then took place, showing a video of each student receiving his or her diploma in person, in a COVID-19 safe procedure.

In total, 13 graduates from the 2019-21 batch gained distinctions for their MSc thesis. To watch the entire Graduation Ceremony and learn about the topic of their thesis, click here.

On behalf of IHE Delft, we would once again like to congratulate the graduates of the 2021 batch. They have shown strength and resilience, especially during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. We wish them all much success as they continue their journey into the water sector and as water experts and professionals.


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