Delft, The Netherlands, 29 Apr 2014

PhD fellow Aline Saraiva Okello receives Faculty of the Future Award from Schlumberger Foundation

Aline Saraiva Okello is one of the 84 women awarded with a 2014 scholarship grant by the Schlumberger Foundation. Their Faculty of the Future Programme supports women scientists from developing countries through grants to enable them to pursue PhDs and Post doctorate studies in scientific and engineering disciplines at leading universities worldwide.

Bridging the gaps in the Incomati Basin

Aline is the first Mozambican in the program's history to receive this fellowship. The program attracted a total 654 applications since the call opened in September 2013. After completion of their studies, fellows return to their home countries to contribute to economic, social and technological advancement by strengthening the teaching and research faculties of their home institutions and also taking positions in the public sector.

The PhD research of Aline focuses on bridging the gaps between Hydrology, Land use and Water Management using Tracers and Water resources Modelling in the Incomati Basin (see image). The research project aims at improving the understanding of hydrological processes of the Incomati river basin to enable better water management.

"This grant will help me with the finances of my final year of PhD. I'll be able to attend international conferences, interact with leading female researchers worldwide and share my findings with my peers in the water resources field. One of the purposes of the grant is to establish role models for other women to pursue careers in Science and Technology. I believe that many women I know from my networks, from Mozambique and other developing countries, will be more aware of the opportunities they can have on research and will be inspired to pursue careers in Science" says Aline Saraiva Okello.

Read more about Aline's background, publications and research here.

Click here for more information about the Fellowship of the Future Programme.

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