Prof. Dr. Abdel-Motaleb and Dr. Ghurab from Egypt Visit UNESCO-IHE

On 4 February, Prof.Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Motaleb, Chairman of the National Water Research Center (NWRC) of Egypt and Dr. Entisar Ghurab visited UNESCO-IHE. The NWRC comprises of 12 research institutes specialized in i.e. Nile research, water management research and channel maintenance research. The reason for their visit is to exchange knowledge on research management issues.

Prof. Dr. Abdel-Motaleb has worked for Deltares and the Technical University of Delft and is especially interested in research management issues. Dr. Entisar Ghurab is a professional in sediment transport, morphology and physical modeling.

During their stay at UNESCO-IHE they received a guided tour through the premises and were shown lab, library and e-learning facilities, followed by a technical meeting with Arthur Mynett, Prof. of Hydraulic Engineering at UNESCO-IHE, to discuss Hydraulic Engineering & Physical Modeling. During lunch they met with students from Egypt who shared their study experiences at UNESCO-IHE with Prof. Dr. Abdel-Motaleb and Dr. Ghurab.

Watch the video interview with Prof. Abdel-Motaleb below in which he elaborates on the main water issues of Egypt and his reasons for seeking cooperation with UNESCO-IHE.


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