Utrecht, The Netherlands, 11 Nov 2013

Professor Chris Zevenbergen joins panel discussion Delta Programme

Delta Commissioner Wim Kuijken (IHE Foundation Board member) organized the Fourth National Delta Congress, held on Thursday 7 November 2013 in the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht. Many stakeholders involved in the Delta Programme attended this congress, which focused on the fourth Delta Programme report called 'DP2014, Working on the Delta'.

During the congress, speakers from private sector, governmental organisations, NGO's and science reflected on recent developments regarding the Delta Programme. The main focus of this year's report was finding strategies that could lead to an effective decision-making process in 2014-2015.

Chris Zevenbergen, Professor of Flood Resilience of Urban Systems at UNESCO-IHE, participated in a plenary panel-discussion on the current approach of the Delta Programme. Moreover, the panellists gave their view on how to handle uncertainties and quality assurance during the preparatory stage of the programme. Other scientists joining the panel discussion were Bas Jonkman (TU Delft) and Pier Vellinga (Wageningen University).            

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