Delft, The Netherlands, 21 Jul 2021

Published in Gaia Journal: A tool to stop Water Wars

In Gaia Journal's Water issue an article about the Water, Peace and Security (WPS) tool to stop Water Wars is published. Susanne Schmeier, Associate Professor in Water Law and Diplomacy and WPS Coordinator, discusses why this tool is so important.

Water, Peace and Security (WPS) has developed a global water conflict forecasting tool to help intervene before conflict breaks out. This is the first time that environmental factor such as drought are being used to predict where the next conflict will occur. 
There are more than 80 indicators analyzed, with an information history of 20 years. The tool is able to use what it ‘learned’ about the correlations between variables to predict conflicts for the next 12 months. You can read the full article here.

Do you want to try to predict the future in your region? The tool is available online:

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