Delft, the Netherlands, 15 Apr 2021

Rate your city and contribute to Future Water Challenges II

You are invited to fill out a 5 minute survey to rate your city and help to assess its adaptive capacity to climate challenges.

Your information will contribute with the Future Water Challenges II project, in which IHE Delft and partners work on the development of adaptation pathways for cities to better cope with the many challenges ahead. The survey aims to get information of thousands of secondary cities that usually are ignored.

The project is a follow-up of the Future Water Challenges which was completed in 2018. Your -anonymous- contribution will help IHE Delft to complete the assessment.  You are invited to fill the 5 minute survey to rate your city until 30 May 2021

Survey link: SUWM Cities Survey (

Feel free to share the survey among friends and colleagues. More data means better science!


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