Delft, The Netherlands, 26 Mar 2021

Scholarships for three Sahel Countries

IHE Delft will provide water professionals from three Sahel countries, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, with MSc level education in Delft on the topics of water for food, water and health and water peace and security.

The fellowship programme aims to strengthen the capacity of professionals and decision makers in the water sector to improve water management in the Sahel region countries to better cope with the challenges of stressed water resources including under the impacts of climate change.

The five fellowships, made available by the ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, will be awarded to students or practicing professionals aiming to start their MSc Progamme at IHE Delft in October 2021. 

Research topics will be selected within specified themes addressing water challenges in the region. These include water for food, water and health and water peace and security. To increase the relevance for Sahel specific water scarcity challenges, and to stimulate cooperation between professionals from different disciplines offered by IHE Delft, the students will participate in a number of additional Sahel-dedicated activities.

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Dutch efforts in the Sahel

While demographic trends in the Sahel region will lead to ever-growing needs in the coming decades, climate change risks diminishing the availability of natural resources upon which citizens depend. Over the past 20 years, water availability per inhabitant has declined by more than 40%. Climate shocks are expected to increase in the future. The region faces unpredictable weather patterns and rising temperatures, along with land and soil degradation. At the same time, innovative technologies have proved successful in promoting resilience by regenerating severely degraded land, improving water management and increasing food security.

The Sahel is one of the Dutch focus regions for development cooperation and the Netherlands is making an important contribution to combating hunger and malnutrition and improving agricultural productivity, while using its expertise in the water sector to improve sustainable water management, drinking water and sanitation.

Read more in the publication Dutch efforts in the Sahel, published in 2020 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.


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