Delft, The Netherlands, 01 Jun 2018

Shiraka Water Management course: Applications open for Arab region civil servants

IHE Delft, Clingendael and WaterFocus are delivering the Shiraka (previously Matra-Zuid) training programme on Water Management for civil servants from the Arab region. The course runs for two weeks in The Hague, The Netherlands from 20 to 31 August 2018. Applications are welcome until 25 June 2018.

Learning objectives

Through the sharing of knowledge and skills, the course aims to enable civil servants to inspire change, and lead the modernisation of the water management sector in their home countries. The course also sets out to strengthen participants’ ties with the Netherlands and the Dutch government; especially between Dutch civil servants and their counterparts in the participating countries. 

Course outline

The two week course will take place in The Hague in August 2018. The programme will provide a combination of developing and enhancing the participant’s theoretical and contextual knowledge regarding water management as well as further development of professional skills. By attending interactive lectures with practioners, partaking in various study visits to water projects, and engaging Dutch companies in water management the participants will gain a solid theoretical foundation regarding water management. Participants will also acquire key insights on the relationship between government and business.

Participants will learn how to engage stakeholders by improved communication and organisation, how to negotiate about water policies, and how to bring about change in their own organisations as well as in the broader water sector their own country. Moreover, vital skills like presentation and networking will be trained and developed.

During the two training weeks participants will work on a ‘back home action plan’. This collaboration will empower participants to further apply their recently cultivated knowledge and skills in their own organisations after course completion. 

For whom?

The Netherlands invites senior civil servants from the Arab region with between five and ten years’ relevant working experience to apply for this professional development course on Water Management. Eligible countries for the course are: Algeria, Bahrein, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.

Application details

Interested candidates should send their online applications available here, by 25 June 2018.

Further information available as below:

Water Management Brochure (English)

Water Management Brochure (French)

Water Management Brochure (Arab)


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