Delft, The Netherlands, 10 May 2017

Signing of Academic Research Partnership between Colombia and the Netherlands

Last Wednesday a partnership MoU was signed that forms an Academic Research Partnership between Colombia and the Netherlands. Eight partners currently constitute this partnership, including Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, TU Delft, Universidad de Antioquia in Medellin, Wageningen University, Universidad del Norte in Baranquilla, Deltares, Universidad del Valle in Cali, and IHE Delft.

Professor Juan Saldarriaga and his team at Universidad de Los Andes are the coordinators of the partnership, which has been set up in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Bogota, with support from the Netherlands Enterprise office. This will further consolidate the strong links we have with Colombia and seeks to strengthen academic ties through the development of joint research programmes, research-oriented projects, and joint academic programmes such as joint Masters. We also hope to reach out to other top level institutes to join the partnership, both in Colombia and the Netherlands.

The news was also shared in Colombia in El Tiempo newspaper.


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