Delft, the Netherlands , 09 Jun 2021

Smallholder farmers and emerging new perspectives: a blog and a podcast

The women, the land, and the virus. Stories of impacts of Covid-19 on smallholder farmers and emerging new perspectives

The Water Channel, in collaboration with Irene Leonardelli (IHE Delft), Lisa Bossenbroek (Targa Aid), Hind Ftouhi (Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II), Sneha Bhat (SOPPECOM), and Meriem F. Hamamouche (ECA-BRDA ), developed a blog and podcast on the topic of Covid-19 and its impacts on smallholder farmers.


This blog focuses on COVID-19 in rural India, Algeria, and Morocco and its impacts on smallholder farmers. It further illustrates new prespectives that emerged which are embraced by farmers to include: life in lockdown and price drops in agriculture, labour shortage versus the lack of opportunities to work, and simply the resilience and creativity showed by farmers as life goes on.

You can read the blog and listen to the podcast featuring researchers here or listen to the podcast on YouTube here.

You can also read about the DUPC2 funded project Farming in times of crises: experiences, responses and needs of smallholder farmers during the COVID19 pandemic and read the story on Small-scale agricultural in crisis due to Covid-19 pandemic


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