Delft, The Netherlands, 08 Aug 2017

Summer course on Visual Methods for Water Communication

Last week, IHE Delft hosted 10 summer courses on a variety of topics. One of the summer courses, Visual Methods for Water Communication, equipped students with tools and ideas to communicate their research, as well as water issues they encounter in professional activities.

Visual Methods for Water Communication

Emanuele Fantini, course coordinator: "visual methods are on the rise in academic and scientific fields. Scholars and researchers are increasingly expected not only to do research but also to demonstrate the impact of their work on society. Therefore, we want to equip IHE Delft students with the right tools to do this." 

For Emanuele, the highlight of the course was when students learned about the importance of storytelling, regardless of the medium they were using. Secondly, the power of visual communication was shown to be very important. The students learned how to elicit and trigger the emotions of the audience and engage those who are taking part in the video. 

Satish, a student from IHE Delft said: “My expectations were to do filmmaking related to water. I hoped I could express myself better than on paper or using a PowerPoint presentation. I wanted to discover and use the power of video. By taking this course I have achieved more confidence in taking a photo and a video and relating them to my story. I enjoyed the course and I think it would be beneficial to have more editing classes.”

Later this week we will feature two other summer courses. One on Nature Based Solutions in Water Management, led by Chris Zevenbergen and one on Water Diplomacy, led by Zaki Shubber.



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