Jordan, 11 Mar 2019

Tailor-Made Training in Jordan for Syrians

From 3 to 14 March 2019, IHE Delft organised a Tailor-Made Training programme in Jordan. The topic of the training was “Decentralized Wastewater Management: treatment technologies, operation & maintenance, reuse in agriculture”. The participants were mostly young Syrians now living in different places in Jordan, some of them studying at Jordanian universities, for a better future. The training was financed by NUFFIC, the Mena Scholarship Programme (MSP).

Jordan is an extremely water-scarce country, where wastewater treatment and reuse is an component of the national water budget. Since not all cities and especially smaller towns and villages are connected to centralised sewer systems and treatment plants, Jordan developed a policy to encourage decentralised treatment of wastewater and local reuse for small scale agriculture and garden irrigation. 

The training was implemented with our partner university; Al Balqa Applied University (BAU) and delivered by four lecturers, two from BAU (Dr. Naser Almanaseer, Dr. Noama Shareef,) and two from IHE Delft (Dr. Jack van de Vossenberg and Dr. Peter van der Steen). The nature of the training was a mix of theory and hands-on practical learning. 

Al Balqa Applied University has a unique station where 9 different treatment technologies are constructed at small scale, each treating a few metres cubed of wastewater per day. The station is an ideal place to explain how these technologies work and do sampling exercises. Adjacent to the station is the full scale treatment plant for Fuhais town. During the training, this plant was analysed, by taking samples from the various stages of the system and by analysing the samples in the laboratories on the Al Balqa University Campus in Salt.


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