Delft, The Netherlands, 06 Jun 2017

Tailor Made Training (TMT) course on Polder Development for Central Java Province

Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement between IHE Delft and Central Java Province, a Tailor Made Training (TMT) course was organized at IHE Delft from 8 to 30 May 2017 for 12 participants from Central Java Province (CJP), including two academic staff from Diponegoro University, financed by CJP from.

The course covered theoretical, basic components and basic knowledge of Polder Systems and it was completed with group exercises and field trips to several polder projects and a storm surge barrier in the Netherlands.

Based on the evaluation and discussion after the completion of the course, it is proposed, for the coming years, to increase the cooperation between IHE Delft and CJP, by organizing TMTs on other topics, as well as by sending some staff of CJP to pursue their MSc and PhD at IHE Delft.

Read more about Tailor-made Advice and Training here.



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