Teaching visual storytelling on water

Transmitting information via visual methods, e.g. video, can be much more engaging and make complex information easier to understand for people without a scientific background. It can also be used as a tool to complement more traditional research methods. Last year, IHE Delft ran it's third summer course "Visual methods for water communication", in which students learn to combine different visual methods to create their own video to communicate scientific data and stories about water.

In the latest FLOWs blog post, Emanuele Fantini, organizer of the course, reflects on his experience teaching this course and presents the videos made by students last year. Find an excerpt below. 

"After three years of running IHE Delft summer course “Visual methods for water communication” it was time to take stock on what students and teachers have learnt through this experience. Such reflection is presented in an article recently published on J-Reading – Journal of Research and Didactics in Geography. Since in the summer course we preach the gospel of storytelling, I have try to apply some of its tenets in writing the article itself. The article is structured like a movie review: introduced by a trailer, followed by a description of the plot (the course schedule), and the cast (students’ experiences and feedback). The articles continues with three highlights about the challenges that the protagonists had to go through before reaching the happy end: finding the most suitable case study and location to film, developing captivating stories, and editing good videos in a short time with the available equipment. These challenges are here illustrated with the video made in the last edition of the summer course."

You can read the full post hereYou can also find the full Journal of Research and Didactics in Geography article "Just like a movie: teaching visual storytelling on water" here





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