Delft, The Netherlands, 15 Sep 2014

From test to practice: inaugural address Prof. Jentsje van der Meer

On 10 September 2014, Jentsje van der Meer, Professor of Coastal Structures and Ports at UNESCO-IHE, presented his inaugural address with the title 'From test to practice'. "I am not a pure academic scientist, nor a pure consultant or designer", says Jentsje van der Meer. His inaugural address was the closing speech on the Symposium on the update of the EurOtop manual on wave overtopping.

Prof. van der Meer has thirty three years of experience in the field of coastal structures and hydraulics. He shared interesting learning moments with the audience on the way from test to practice by describing some developments in the coastal structures field in the past thirty years, followed by touching on some simulacra in this field.

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