Hong Kong, 04 Nov 2019

Tim Busker wins Best Poster Award at IWA-ASPIRE Hong Kong

Last week’s IWA-ASPIRE conference in Hong Kong saw IHE Delft’s Tim Busker land the IWA-ASPIRE Best Poster Award with his poster ‘Building with nature for flood resilience: experiences from the North Sea Region’. His poster – one of around 200 presented over the course of the 3-day event – showed how Building with Nature can reduce the risk of flooding, while providing additional benefits to society.

Building with Nature is a new approach to water engineering that harnesses the forces of nature, rather than working against them. Tim’s work used data from a range of case studies to demonstrate how effective this can be in reducing the risk of coastal and river flooding compared to so-called “grey” solutions - traditional interventions that rely on building hard infrastructures to keep nature at bay.

Tim’s work flags up a series of key points which will need to be addressed when adopting this approach in the future.

“It’s important to create a solid evidence base, understand the local context, and make a compelling business case,” Tim explains. He also stresses that in the longer term it will be important to adopt the approach into local and national legislation.

Tim Busker is a researcher and project coordinator in Flood Resilience at IHE Delft. His research is part of the VB Interreg North Sea Region Building with Nature project, funded by the European Commission.


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