Taiwan, 26 Sep 2019

Together we go faster: Netherlands and Taiwan to work more closely together in Water Management

IHE has been at the heart of crucial meetings between the Dutch and Taiwanese governments during the first day of the Taiwan International Water Week yesterday in Taipei. The meetings, between IHE Delft’s Professor Chris Zevenbergen, IHE Delft alumni Mr. Meng-yen Li (now Secretary General of the Cabinet of the Government of Taiwan) and Professor Lee Hong-Yuan (former Minister, Taiwan), and Mr. Guy Wittich (Dutch Consul of Taiwan), focused on how future cooperation between the Netherlands and Taiwan can contribute to a better integration between flood preparedness and prevention.

With a long history of working together with Taiwan, the Netherlands brings its skills in flood prevention, information services and modelling to complement Taiwan’s expertise in flood preparedness, early warning systems and sensor technologies. The collaboration, which will receive support from both governments, aims to join forces across knowledge sectors (academics, governments and companies), with Taiwan acting as a gateway to China and Southeast Asia. Attending from the Netherlands alongside IHE Delft, were Deltares, Waternet, Nelen & Schuurmans, Eikelkamp, Waternet, Kiwa, Blue21, Nijhuis and Paques.


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