Delft, The Netherlands, 23 May 2014

UNESCO-IHE supports World Fish Migration Day

On 24 May 2014, on the occasion of World Fish Migration Day events will take place all over the world, including in the Netherlands. UNESCO-IHE on this occurrence distinguishes the importance of fish migration for economic and social development, in order to extensively support the livelihoods that depend on healthy fish migrations.

Fish migration supports livelihoods

The intention of World Fish Migration Day is to highlight the importance of fish migrations, that play their part in supporting livelihoods,  reducing hunger and achieving sustainable development.

Animal migration is versatile. On the land the movement of herds of antelopes, zebra and wildebeest are a marvel to behold. In the sky, birds in their millions move across continents in search of the best places to breed and feed. Less visible, but nonetheless dramatic, are the mass migrations of fish, moving across oceans, and up and down rivers to the rhythm of biology. The migration of fish provides fascinating insights into the natural world, and its links with human ecology and social evolution.

Millions of people depend on migratory fish for nutrition and livelihoods. The severance of rivers through the building of dams, the alterations of river channels, the loss of upstream spawning sites and the reduction of sufficient water flows because of water abstraction for towns and, especially, agriculture impact fish migrations and the societies and economies that depend  on them.


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