Online, 09 Dec 2021

University for Life and Peace and IHE Delft to develop tailored MSc profile on Water, Sustainable Development and Spiritual Ecology

The University for Life and Peace (ULP) and IHE Delft will offer a tailored MSc profile under the new IHE Delft MSc programme on Water and Sustainable Development to students interested in the interdependence between earth and its inhabitants and the restoration of a healthy planet.

In cooperation outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding signed 8 December 2021, ULP and IHE Delft agree to work together to advance the scientific and human resources development by cooperating in the fields of Spiritual Ecology, Water for food and energy, and Water Resources, Engineering and Ecosystems health.

The Students enrolling in this MSc programme will follow a preparatory short course on Spiritual Ecology, comprising subjects such as sociology, ethics biology, philosophy and behavior in indigenous cultures, and their theses will be supervised by IHE Delft and ULP supervisors. The programme will start in 2022 and targets students from Myanmar and other counties in Southeast Asia.

“Together we hope to pay a meaningful contribution and to build a collective consciousness for actions to address the root causes of our ecological crisis by jointly developing and delivering a tailored MSc profile on water, sustainable development and spiritual ecology,” IHE Delft Rector Eddy Moors said during the signing ceremony, held online.

Dharma Master Hsin Tao of ULP added: “I hope that through education, human beings will be guided back to deep spirituality, and recognize the origin and equality of all beings. Starting from inner awakening, cultivating youth creativity and leadership, will be required to face the challenge of ecological sustainability.”


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