Update on DUPC2 activities: recent Call for proposals and online learning course on Online Course Development

Find below a short update on the recent DUPC2 Call for 'Research for Development proposals led by institutes from developing countries' and the Online Learning Course on Online Course Development for our partners.

DUPC2 Call for ‘Research for Development proposals led by institutes from developing countries’

Mid October DUPC2 officially launched the Call for ‘Research for development proposals led by institutes from developing countries’, also known as the South-South Call.

Thank you to all of those who took the time and effort to submit a proposal. We have received more than 60 applications, which is more than initially expected. This huge number of applications is positive and shows the growing interest in the DUPC2 programme.

After careful consideration, 54 projects have made it through the eligibility check and have been sent to the external reviewers. Seeing that the number of eligible applications are greater than previously foreseen, we have extended the deadline to inform about the final results to 14 December 2018.

Online learning course on Online Course Development 

Early October IHE Delft announced to offer an ‘introductory online training on designing and planning and online course’ to its partners in developing countries.

Participants are expected to design and online course and plan its development and implementation though interactive sessions. The interactive online training course will cover the first two steps of online course development, design and planning, will be discussed during the 6-week course. The overall aim of the course is to aid in the acceleration of institutional initiatives in online education.

Thank you to all who applied for the online course. We have received 12 applications in total, and all have been accepted. The online training course is set to start early next year, on 15 January 2019.


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