Update on DUPC2 activities

Find below a short update on our current activities.

Annual Reports 2018

In mid-February we received the Annual Reports 2018 of DUPC2 funded projects. Overall, all projects have made good progress, with many being in their final stage and expected to finish this year. The projects’ annual reports will also feed into the DUPC2 Annual Report 2018 which will be submitted to our donor before 1 July 2018.

South South 2018

The project leaders of the eight shortlisted proposals of the Call for ‘Research for development proposals led by institutes from the global South’ submitted their final proposals beginning of March. Of these eight proposals, five have received official grant letters and started the contracting procedure. The remaining three proposals are expected to hand in their revised proposals within two weeks and to start beginning of April. 

Find more information on the projects and the Call here.

Arab Water Week

The CONNECT project invited DUPC2 projects focussing on the MENA region to attend their session on 4 March, during Arab Water Week (AWW) in Jordan. Attendees contributed to developing recommendations for supporting the adoption of research projects’ outputs into integrated strategies for dealing with water scarcity. The CONNECT project intends to follow up its session by setting up a Community of Practice.

DUPC2 took this opportunity to organise a learning event for existing and new projects during AWW on 5 March, bringing together DUPC2 funded projects in the MENA region and facilitated the opportunity for exchange of experiences and future collaborations. Project leaders reflected and critically discussed three crosscutting objectives important to the programme: (i) working in partnership, (ii) ensuring inclusivity and (iii) creating impact.

Please find more detailed information on the AWW DUPC2 learning event in this report.

Societal impact

For DUPC2, contributing to making tangible positive impacts on development challenges is a major objective. We acknowledge that working towards impact is not straightforward, which is why we are collaborating with Oxfam to further analyze, pilot, reflect and discuss on questions like how we define impact; how we can create impact; and what is the impact of projects as many factors, events and processes shape developments simultaneously. In collaboration with Leon Hermans and Tatiana Acevedo Guerrero, DUPC2 has drafted an MSc thesis subject on societal impact of water and development projects. The idea is to give MSc students (from IHE Delft or partner institutions) the possibility to study such questions as above mentioned, as part of their MSc research. DUPC has funds to support the research costs of a number of students.

You can find more information about this MSc subject here

Summer course on communication for partners

Having a strong communication skill set plays a crucial role in effectively conveying a message to people, whether they be the general public, policy makers, or other academics. To further contribute to building and strengthening the capacity of our partners in the Global South, DUPC2 has funds for 4-5 DUPC2 project partners from the global South to participate in the summer course on communication “Visual Methods for Water Communication”. The course will run from Monday July 29 to Friday August 2.

You find more information about this opportunity here.

Output database

DUPC2 is currently in the process of creating an output database for the website. All outputs produced by DUPC2 funded projects will be uploaded to the database, which will be accessible to everyone through the DUPC2 webpage. The output database is currently being finalized and is expected to be launched mid-April.


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