Delft, The Netherlands, 18 Oct 2021

Urban innovation project finalist for European Commission award

An urban innovation project that brings together 10 cities and six research institutes to develop solutions and share best practices to better deal with extreme weather events and enhance climate change adaptation has been selected as a finalist in the European Commission’s Regiostars Awards 2021.

The project, titled BEGIN, was selected a finalist in the GREEN Europe category by an independent jury, which selected five finalists each in five categories among 214 applicants. The jury will select a winner in each category, and members of the public are invited to use a heart-button to vote for their favourite projects here.

The Regiostars Awards honour innovative, inspiring EU-funded projects. Winners will be announced 2 December 2021 at an award ceremony in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The winners of each category will receive a media partnership worth 5,000 euro.

The BEGIN project, launched in 2016, has introduced blue-green infrastructure pilot projects such as green corridors, sustainable urban drainage systems and other social innovations to reduce flood risk and improve liveability.

“In BEGIN blue-green infrastructure, projects are developed that complement the traditional 'grey' urban water infrastructure to add capacity to cope with future climate extremes - think of multi-functional water squares, green roofs or wetland parks.,” said Dr. William Veerbeek, researcher in urban climate adaptation at IHE Delft.

“One of the biggest advantages of blue-green infrastructure is the large number of benefits it provides. A blue and green urban environment is more resilient to climate change, provides ecological value, is healthier and ultimately provides a higher quality of life to our cities.”

The Next Level conference to be held 20 October 2021 in the Dutch city of Dordrecht and online aims to share project approaches with new partners.

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