Valorisation of Delta Technology

Regional consortium granted EU Fund for Regional Development for 'Valorisation of Delta Technology'. UNESCO-IHE is partner in a regional (Delft - Rotterdam - Dordrecht) cooperation programme linking knowledge institutes, municipalities, water boards and private sector organizations active in water. This consortium was granted an EU Fund for Regional Development for the project titled: 'Valorisation of Delta Technology'.

The fund is available for matchmaking purposes in the region of the South of Holland and is meant as a booster to profile the region as expert in the fields of Delta technology and Water. It provides seed funding to develop research and demonstration projects with partners in the region.

The focus lies on the development of innovative ideas and to 'valorise' these. This will enable these innovations to mature as ' showcases' and prepare them to be marketable.

UNESCO-IHE sees opportunities for research cooperation with local parties and to develop demo/testing sites. UNESCO-IHE will approach consortium members when in need of a test location or wish to take our students to see demos. Partners can approach us with the requests for our students to perform research for them.

For more information about valorisation of the Delta technology, please contact Mishka Stuip, Liason Officer Bilateral Relations at .


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