Delft, The Netherlands, 11 Nov 2013

Video: How serious gaming can add value to Water Management

UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education has organized a mini-symposium on the occasion of the retirement of Mr. Jetze Heun, Programme Director DUPC. This symposium focused on how serious gaming could add value to Water Management.

Video of Symposium

Mr. Jeroen Warmerdam, General Director of Tygron Serious Gaming, gave a presentation on how serious gaming could add value to Water Management. According to him, games and visualizations can help to speed up and simplify any decision-making process. All the parties involved can look for solutions together in a virtual test environment. These are well thought-out solutions that have a broad base of support. To see the entire presentation, click on the video icon.

About Jetze Heun

After a long career in water, Jetze Heun, Programme Director DUPC at UNESCO-IHE, is retiring. Since 1975, he has lived abroad in several countries, and has spent more than 12 years of working at the Institute. His main interest is in Water Resources Planning and Management in the broadest sense, based on an academic background in civil engineering - land and water development. He has built up a great track record in education and research, in leading multi-disciplinary projects and in management functions. He currently guides the UNESCO-IHE Partnership for Water Education and Research. Teaching is one of his passions, and during his career he developed several interactive simulation role plays for use in education.

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