Montevideo, Uruguay, 15 Dec 2014

(Waste)water Treatment Technologies in Uruguay

From 11 to 14 November, UNESCO-IHE delivered a short course on water and wastewater treatment technologies in Montevideo, Uruguay. The course was organized and funded by the Uruguayan International Cooperation Agency together with several Uruguayan governmental organizations including the Ministry of Environment, the National Water and Wastewater Service Provider, the National Agency for Research and Innovation, and the Technological Uruguayan Laboratory.

More than 40 participants affiliated with the organizing institutions attended the short course.  In addition invited participants from Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Santa Lucia, and St. Kitts and Nevis attended the short course, in the framework of the South-South collaboration actively carried out by the Uruguay government in the South American region. 

The lectures were co-delivered by Uruguayan professionals affiliated with (waste)water related organizations, and Dr. Tineke Hooijmans, Dr. Bransilav Petrusevski, and Dr. Hector Garcia from UNESCO-IHE. The Institute’s alumni, as well as current MSc participants, presented their MSc research with a Uruguayan focus.

More than 200 participants attended an international conference on water and wastewater treatment technologies that was held on 12 November. The conference, which took place at the Technological Uruguayan Laboratory, was organized and funded by the same Uruguayan institutions that organized the short course. The UNESCO-IHE staff members that were involved in the short course also gave lectures on water and wastewater treatment technologies at the conference, focusing on relevant issues currently faced by both Uruguay as well as the entire South American region. 

Lectures delivered at the conference included those by partners Prof. Carlos Madera (Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia) and and Prof. Ivan Mijatovic (University of Zagreb, Croatia). Prof. Madera is the coordinator of the double degree programmes that the Institute holds jointly with Universidad del Valle, also delivered a lecture at the conference. UNESCO-IHE has an MoU with the University of Zagreb, and in the scope of that collaboration, Prof. Mijatovic is in involved in many of the Institute’s educational, research and project activities.

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