India, 26 Feb 2021

Water Technologies and Management at Savitribai Phule Pune University

On Monday, 22 February 2021, an opening ceremony was held to celebrate the start of the 12-month pilot Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Water Technologies and Management, a collaboration between Savitribai Phule Pune University, Unity Knowledge and IHE Delft.

One of the activities IHE Delft undertakes, is to help enhance and strengthen international partnerships with reputable providers of postgraduate education. While there is a major sanitation and water issue in India, there is no exclusive and dedicated division for water education in the universities. A small number of universities there have basic water-related training programmes related to some of the issues, but in India’s case, there is a need for a more holistic approach to tackling the ever-growing problems in the field of Urban Water Management. 

Enable online teaching globally

During the time of the COVID-19, the world of education changed overnight. This has opened up new opportunities to offer online classes and, in this case, joint postgraduate programmes. Teaching and communication tools, in combination with broadband internet, have been significantly enhanced to enable online teaching globally. Now, it is evident that educational institutions can collaborate at lower cost and in an environmentally responsible manner, by reducing the requirement to travel. 

Centre for Urban Water and Sanitation

IHE Delft, Unity Knowledge, and SPPU (Savitribai Phule Pune University) have aimed at further strengthening water education in India by successfully establishing a Centre for Urban Water and Sanitation at SPPU. The first step in this process is to implement a postgraduate diploma programme in Water Technologies and Management. The structure of this programme is based on the modules of the MSc programmes which IHE Delft offers. 

SPPU will conduct the online teaching of this programme according to the schedules of the MSc programmes currently offered in Delft. Local coordinators from SPPU/UNITY will be responsible for organising the remainder of the module, which will consist of mainly practical work. The postgraduate diploma will be issued by SPPU to the students who successfully complete the programme. IHE Delft will also work towards issuing a certificate to these students to indicate that they have collaborated with its staff and lecturers during the programme. 


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